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Tzafi Weinberg

Art Therapist
  • Tzafi has demonstrated expertise with children who are experiencing: a life transition, trauma, depression, separation anxiety, and attention deficit/ hyperactivity. In Winnipeg, she provided individual Art Therapy treatment to special needs children at school. In addition, she initiated group art therapy for classroom students and used integrative approaches; the method used benefited all students. Tzafi also has an experience working with First Nations children.

    What is Art Therapy?

    Art Therapy combines art and psychotherapy in a creative process. It is conducted using art making and verbal expressions. Art is seen as a language. It is seen as inducing self-talk, bringing insight to beliefs and behaviors, and empowering children beyond treatment sessions. Art therapy is used to help children with emotional, developmental, and behavioral problems. It aims to facilitate positive changes through engagement with the therapist and the art materials in a safe environment. It allows the child to unearth emotions, have introspective observations, think about unconscious and conscious subjects, and develop personal and interpersonal skills.

    The process of Art Therapy

    Changes occur during the process of physical involvement with the materials, through the making of a significant art object, and through communication with the therapist via the art object. In art making, children are able to represent thoughts or feeling through an image and therefore make it more tangible and have a permanent record of their experiences. In creating an artwork, conflict, fear, or trauma is re-experienced, resolved, and overcome. This allows for them to better connect with others. In addition, physical and psychological skills are learned. A byproduct of working in art is that children have a stronger sense of who they are and what they are capable of achieving in the world as they learn to be creative and expressive.

    Previous art experience is unnecessary as the focus is on personal expression.