Focused therapies and interventions dedicated to the well being of children and families.

Scott Antoski

Therapist, Mediator, Court Evaluator
  • Scott Antoski has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Manitoba, as well as a Bachelor degree with an advanced major in clinical psychology. Scott has been actively working with families and youth in a counselling, advocacy, and protection role for more than 14 years. Throughout his years working in Family Services, Scott has gained considerable experience in helping families through difficult times. Scott has demonstrated expertise in:

    * Parenting Capacity Assessments.
    * Child Custody and Access Assessments.
    * Conflict Resolution.
    * Mediation and the development of parenting plans.
    * Communication Skills Training, particularly with
    high conflict families and separating parents.
    * Parenting Education & Skills Training.
    * Family and Youth Therapy.
    * Individual and Group Counselling.
    * Solution Focussed Therapy.

    Scott also has considerable experience working with First Nations families as well as families from a variety of ethnic origins. Scott approaches all interventions with genuineness and brings an appropriate cultural response to his clients. Solution-focused theory is Scott's preferred intervention which empowers clients to develop their own strategies and solutions to address their own needs and achieve their goals.