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Parent Child Conflicts

Raising children automatically means that there will be some conflict between the parent and child, especially as he grows older and starts to become more independent. Sometimes these conflicts can develop into an extremely volatile situation for the family. It can sometimes be difficult to resolve conflicts, but many families hesitate about looking for outside help.

Involving a therapist or an individual trained in conflict resolution can help the entire family learn to communicate more effectively. Although we want our children to behave respectfully and to make healthy decisions, parents also need to know when and how to relinquish control and to allow a child to grow.

Being part of the same family does not always mean your personalities will be compatible, or that you will have an easy time living together. All families have to deal with tension and conflict, but some seem to experience more than their fair share. This is when a counselor can help, because it’s much easier for an impartial observer to identify the areas where communication can be improved, and to help the family overcome their problems without assigning blame.

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