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Family Group Conferencing

Family group conferencing is a process where the ‘experts’ involved in decision making are the family themselves. It is facilitated by an experienced group counselor, but it is extremely community and family based. There are many advantages to this approach – it empowers the family and encourages them to communicate with one another, it considers the needs and opinions of everyone concerned with the family, and it fosters a sense of love and respect between family members, rather than being a divisive or confrontational process.

The care of children is naturally the responsibility of a family as a whole. In North America we often lose sight of the fact that a family is not a small, insular unit. It is influenced and supported by friends, extended family, and the community as a whole. When these groups come together in a caring environment to discuss problems and look for solutions, the results are much more sustainable and realistic than they would be if the family simply asked a stranger to help them with problems.

The facilitator will help family members decide who else should be included in discussions. These people can include extended family, friends, teachers, and other people closely involved with the family. They will also explain the purpose of the conference to all participants, and ensure that discussions stay focused on the child's needs. Facilitators may also recommend the participation of community-serving organizations which may be able to support the family.

The goal of the conference is to develop a plan that everyone agrees to follow. This plan will support the family in successfully providing care for the children. The plan will focus on the responsibility and accountability of the entire group in the ongoing care of the children concerned.

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