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Anger Management

Anger is a universal emotion. Everyone gets angry at times, but many people have trouble dealing with their feelings of anger. We can't avoid feeling angry in certain situations. But we can learn some better ways to manage our anger. The sessions will focus on these topics:

* Recognizing when you are feeling angry.
* Trying to understand other's point of view.
* Thinking about what gets you angry.
* Hearing where the other person is coming from.
* Being aware of your body reaction and physical sensations when you're angry.
* Keeping the conversations in the present and leaving the blame out.
* Being aware of the other's response of fear when I get angry.

The objectives of the sessions are:

* To teach the concept of anger management
* To identify personal anger triggers
* To link thoughts with feelings, actions and consequences

Session One

* Introductions.
* Discussion of confidentiality.
* Setting the rules and boundaries.
* Exploring feelings.
* What do feeling feel like?
* What is anger?
* Anger as a feeling.

Session Two

* Exploring and recognizing situations where the client responded being angry.
* It is okay to be angry.
* What are anger triggers?
* Personal anger triggers.

Session Three

* My anger sequence.
* Trigger, thoughts, and feelings
* Behaviors and consequences.

Session Four

* Understanding my anger.
* My thoughts, my feelings, and my behavior.
* What can I do differently?
* Exploring new ways that fits with the client personality to deal differently with anger.
* Appropriate ways to handle my anger.Appropriate ways to handle my anger.

Session Five

* More ways to handle my anger.
* Resolving daily basis conflicts (either at work and at home).
* Get the facts.
* Good listening.

Session Six

* Resolving conflicts.
* Telling how you feel.
* Communication tools.

This seven session course is designed to assist participants in managing and expressing their anger more effectively. Please refer to assessment intake form, or Contact Us for more information.

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